D.I.S.C – 10 Minutes to Increased Success

In business, the better we know ourselves, the more successful we are.

Therefore, one of the favourite games in the Money & You® program involves the DISC Personality Style Profile and to prepare for that game, you need to complete your online style assessment now by clicking on the special link provided below. You will receive your customised, multi-page report at your event for you to take home.

The unique link you are provided will take you to an on-line questionnaire that you need spend no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

Even if you have taken a DISC profile before, you will need to take this one – perhaps viewing yourself from a different focus. You will gain new insights and awareness about yourself and others – perhaps seeing all your relationships more compassionately – and certainly with more understanding.


  • An overview of DISC
  • General characteristics of your style
  • Customised statements of your natural strengths
  • How you may typically adapt these strengths at work
  • The type of environments and situations that are the most motivating
  • What people with your style preferences tend to need from those around you
  • Communication tips to give to others in how to get the most from their interactions with you
  • Potential areas for being more effective (including typical “blind spots” of each style.)
  • Customised DISC Internal and External profile graphs
  • A Word Sketch Chart on our Natural Style, providing words to describe the types of behaviours you use based on the life energy you feel is most important.

There is no “best” or “better” profile style to be. Also, there is no suggestion that you are always exactly or only what your report says about people with your style. But the fact is, you do have patterns of predictable behaviours which have developed over what has worked for you over time.

Once people become DISC-literate in Money & You® they can see a primary personality style the minute it walks through the door! This is incredibly valuable in any element of life – at home or at work!

During the program you will learn ways to maximise your strengths and minimise potential weaknesses. You’ll have a chance to see yourself as others see you and be able to capitalise on it the rest of your life.


  1. Choose a 10-15 period of uninterrupted time to complete your private on-line DISC Profile survey
  2. As you answer the questions focus on yourself when you are feeling good about what you are doing and know you are doing your best
  3. Move quickly through the questionnaire, choosing those answers others see you doing most and least often
  4. When it is difficult to choose or when all or none of the answers seem to apply,
    1. rank the set of options in terms of how people would typically describe you most often and least often,
    2. Take your top (most) and bottom (least) choices for the survey.
  5. Never compare to previous answers as each set contains unique word combinations and stands alone.
  6. The more authentic and honest you are, the more valuable your report.
  7. Hover over each word to clarify word meanings with synonyms that may help you choose the most accurate answer.
  8. Your Instinctive responses will provide the most accurate report.

Remember; take your instinctive, first, most honest response, moving quickly through all the options to choose which behaviours you use MOST often and LEAST often! By taking only 10 minutes without interruption, you will get the most accurate report.

Click here to go to the questionnaire. It will open in a new window.

Should you have questions about taking the profile, please call 90Degrees Global 0430 925 008 or our DISC Experts and US Partners, PeopleSmart Solutions at +1-619-224-8880. (Paper versions of the input form are available, should that be preferred).

Please Note: You will receive your personalised DISC profile during the Money & You® Program. It will not be sent to you prior.