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What Little Known Event Did Dame Doria
Cordova, Mark Victor-Hansen, Roger Hamilton, Sharon Lechter  & Jack Canfield ALL Attend Immediately
Before They Launched Their Multi-Million Dollar Empires?...

Jack Canfield

Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series

“One of the greatest seminars that I've ever took that really helped me along both in my professional career and also in my professional life financially was the Money & You ® seminar.”

Mark Victor Hansen

Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series; One-Minute Millionaire; Businessman, Entrepreneur

“Money & You ® is the one of the most brilliant trainings on the planet. I took it, learned it and earned vastly more because of it. You can do the same – or more!”

Discover the Wealth-Building Laws Of The World’s Most Successful Companies, Entrepreneurs and Investors To Smash Through Your Invisible Money Ceiling.

Grow Your Company or Career & Set The Foundation To Build Kingdoms Of Wealth - Regardless of Whether You’re Already a Multi-Millionaire or Still Living Paycheck To Paycheck.

*PLUS: Find Out Why This Event Is Still So Secret After 42 Years
and Over 145,000 Rock-Solid Success Stories*

Dear business owner, entrepreneur or 9-5 escape artist,

If you’ve ever wished you could fully get access to and grasp the millionaire mindset once and for all, and join the ranks of the ultra-successful, this could be the most important message you ever read.

I’d like to tell you about the 4.5 day seminar that thousands of the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs thank for their success.

It’s the exact event that Roger Hamilton, Mark Victor-Hansen, Dame Doria Cordova, Jack Canfield, Sharon Lechter, and many other notable Graduates have benefited from and used to create even greater success.

It’s also been the springboard that other high-profile entrepreneurs (like Ben Cohen - Co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Gary Kurtz - Producer/film maker of Star Wars) have used to catapult their way to riches and to making a profound difference on the planet.

You can see a full list of notable Graduates below.

For now...

Here are some quick facts about the event:

  • Jack Canfield finally “got” the principle of Leverage at this event, which gave him the idea for his all-time-best-selling book - Chicken Soup For The Soul. That book has since been translated into 43 languages, done more than $100 million in sales (per year!), sold over 500 million copies and has been named one of the most impactful books of the past 25 years by USA Today. (It’s also one of the best selling books of all time … second only to the Bible. Yep. Only the Bible beats it in number!)

And it’s not just celebrities…

  • Ruben Freid and Morry Fraid (Founders of the famous fabric retailer, Spotlight), attended this event when the business was generating several million but nothing like the retail behemoth it is now - it had an incredible impact on the business and it’s employee culture. Now having grown to 150 stores around the world, including it’s Anaconda brand, some 7,000 staff and annual revenues of close to $1 billion, Morry Fraid and his nephew Zac are listed on the BRW Top 200 Rich List at $1.22Bn in wealth.
  • Andrew Barron was making $200 per week when he first attended the seminar. Within 8-months he was a millionaire. Within 3-years he’d scaled his timber business to $30 million. Since then he exited to spend more time on passion projects. He then started another business and as you read this, that business is targeting approximately $50M in revenues per year with a team of 50, this year alone.
  • Dominique Lyone graduated from this program in 1992. In his words: "I was effectively going broke but struggling to see a way through it... Since the moment I walked out those doors on that Sunday night some 27 years ago, I turned the business around. Each year I have delivered a better result than previous… We’re now doing approximately $200 million with 500 employees… and growing."

Next Live Event:

4 - 8 September 2024 - Royal ICC, Brisbane, QLD *


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*Subject to Government Border Management

What’s The Difference That Makes a Difference For The World’s Elite Money Masters?

Let’s face it. We all have 24-hours in a day.

So why is it that moguls can amass huge wealth, contribute to the world on a huge level, live in “flow”, maintain rewarding relationships and have fun in the process…

… While others seem to hit an invisible success ceiling? (Whether that’s capping out at $100k per year, or making $1 billion and feeling miserable.)

What’s the difference that makes the difference?

It’s definitely not tactics, Facebook marketing or any other flash-in-the-pan business “hack” gurus are selling today.

According to Ray Kurzweil (futurist and trusted advisor to national Governments and multinational companies around the globe), in just 5-years, the power and sophistication of the business technology you rely on daily will have multiplied 32 times…

… In 10 years it will be 1024 times more powerful… and in just 30 years, technology will have advanced to over ONE BILLION times our current level.

In other words...

The tools, processes and structures you rely on to run your business and make money today are going to be wildly-obsolete in the next 5, 10 or 30 years.

No one on earth can keep up with the change, and mastering the tools and tactics of 2019 won’t buy you wealth in the future.

So how do the world’s wealthiest business moguls – often with very limited technological prowess - seem to weather these changes decade after decade, and always come out on top?

What’s the difference that makes the difference?

Next Live Event:

4 - 8 September 2024 - Royal ICC, Brisbane, QLD *


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*Subject to Government Border Management

Real Success, Real Wealth, Real Prosperity… Is 90% Reliant On Proven Unchangeable Generalised Principles.

The elite money masters of the world understand the underlying, universal laws of wealth creation on a visceral level.

These principles never change, never waver and never fail to multiply your wealth and happiness, year after year.

They’re as reliable and repeatable as the laws of Gravity, Relativity and Newton’s Third Law of Motion. And they will transform the way you view the world, do business and make money for as long as you live.

These principles are what make this secret event so powerful.

Sound a bit far fetched?

Check out what graduates who “get” these principles have to say:

Money & You ® is the one of the most brilliant trainings on the planet. I took it, learned it and earned vastly more because of it. You can do the same – or more!

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author of best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series; One-Minute Millionaire; Businessman, Entrepreneur

Before I attended Money & You ®, I was scraping by with only $200 dollars a week. And within two years, I had achieved more financially than I had thought possible. I became a millionaire within those two years, earning between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 per month. I see this course as a must for anyone – whether they want to be a millionaire entrepreneur or just become financially comfortable.

Andrew Barron, Business Owner

So much good has come from my experience of Money & You ® all those years ago. I would never have had the confidence to start Lighthouse Foundation without it. Since then we have helped over 800 young people re-start their lives, recover from trauma, complete their education and learn life skills to sustain independent living. We have 10 homes taking young people off the streets and a lifetime outreach program providing enduring support. I have been named one of the 100 Women of Influence (2015) and been a Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist as well as being named Melbournian of the Year. I am so deeply appreciative for the difference we’ve made together to homeless youth …”

Susan Barton, Founder, Lighthouse Foundation

“After Money & You ®, I discovered a whole new world in my organization: the importance of systems, teamwork and the power of leverage. Now, the business works for my spirit and I’m freer than ever before.”

Frederique Deleage, 1996 Winner of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Hong Kong)

Remember, these Generalised Principles are not personal to you. They apply to all of us. They are working for you - or NOT - whether you are aware of them impacting you right now, just like gravity. However, once you’ve discovered them, you can have them work for you to massive effect just like the others listed on these pages.

Here’s What (Even More) Successful Graduates Have To Say

Jack Canfield

C/O Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul shares how Money & You ® helped his success.

Mark Victor Hansen

C/O Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, a Money & You ® graduate, shares why you will love Money & You ®.

Zen DeBrucke

Shares how Money & You ® helped her and her husband with their success.

Kylie Bartlett

The Web Celeb,
Speaker & Author

Roger Hamilton

Social Entrepreneur, Futurist, Creator of Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute

Bill Allen

Street Kid Turned Successful Entrepreneur 'Hawaii Care & Cleaning', Thought Leader, Philanthropist

Here’s Why This Event (And The Universal Wealth Principles It Teaches) Has Created More Self-Made Millionaires Than Any Other Seminar

There are actually two reasons:

  • The principles are based on extensive research and the workings of some of the greatest masters, thinkers and futurists humanity has ever known, like Dr R. Buckminster Fuller, W. Edwards Demming, Georgi Lozanov, Ilya Prigogine, a Nobel Laureate and many other pioneers whose studies on the workings of the universe and what makes some people more financially, mentally, emotionally and physically more successful than others are renown … and remain incredibly relevant in today’s fast paced, ever-changing world


  • These principles are not delivered to you in a talk-fest, it’s not a theoretical discussion that sees you in a bad chair and a grey room for days! What you get from this event is delivered through accelerated and experiential learning. As a result, not only do you "get it" quickly, actively and in a fun, fast paced way - once you learn these principles through this methodology, you literally can’t unlearn them. They "get in" so you can access and call on these strategies ANY TIME you need them in your role at work, in your relationships, business ventures and of course, finances.

So what it comes down to is an incredible experience …

The Generalised Principles or money making laws that are taught through this event aren’t just guesswork.

They are the result of 41 years of following, studying, analysing, testing and boiling down the timeless principles that are the difference that makes the difference for the world’s most successful companies, individuals, entrepreneurs and wealth creators of all time.

Instead of having to discover each of these principles yourself through trial and error, you can now adopt them into your mindset in just 4.5 days.

But, you won’t just learn these principles on an intellectual level.

The layout of this event includes a range of experiential games, that are carefully designed to sneak around your intellectual defenses and show you the power of these irrefutable laws in ways you can see, feel, taste and smell.

Once you learn these wealth laws in this way, it’s impossible to unlearn them.

You’ll literally have a lifetime of wealth-knowledge hard-coded into your psyche, and will walk away with the unconscious competence to build successful businesses and amass huge wealth.

So, what is this mystery event?

Introducing the Money & You ® 4.5 -Day LIVE Event:

The Money & You ® Program Gives You Access to Proven & Timeless Entrepreneurial and Wealth-Building Laws & Takes You Deep Within Your Subconscious So You Trigger More Wealth Creation Breakthroughs In 4.5 Days Than Most People Experience In A Lifetime.

It sees you remove your blocks to experiencing true wealth - financially (in your bank account and holdings), in career or business, in your relationships, your consciousness, heart, how you give back to the world, and even, how you see yourself and others.

“After Money & You ®, I had the keys to produce results at any time, in any circumstance and to meet any goal or outcome.” – Dominique Lyone

Here’s What You Get

  • Next level results. No matter what you want or where you are starting from financially, in your career or business, participating in Money & You® gives you access to next level results, whatever that next level is for you.
  • Content delivery through Accelerated Learning and Whole Brain Technologies so you internalise a lifetime of wealth-building knowledge in just 4.5 days. (You’ll be transformed and seeing shifts from the moment you step into the event and results from the moment you exit those doors.)
  • Experiential games that show you exactly how you behave around money, business, relationships and wealth and what to do about that from that moment forward. (Sinister flaws in your money-mindset that used to limit your success will race to the surface so you can stomp them out for good.)
  • Learn from multi-millionaire Instructors who’ve “been there and done that” in the real world to generate real wealth and contribute to the planet. (You’ll hear personal war stories about how, what you’re learning applies to business - and get bonus "off record" entrepreneurial tips that could change the game for you in a single conversation.)Even Cooler Feature - Amazing Thing #2
  • Breakthroughs on breakthroughs, unique insights, 100% your own. Every person’s Money & You® is different because our views, how we see wealth and life are different. No two people have the same experience - so you will discover your own breakthroughs, learnings, sometimes incredibly surprising insights and, your unique path to YOUR PERSONAL next level results, FAST.
  • Access to an international network of over 145,000 like-minded entrepreneurs and money-masters - so you never have to launch a new venture, enter an overseas market or overcome any money challenge alone. (With just one post to the private Facebook group, you’ll have trusted Graduates of advisors by your side.)
  • FREE lifetime access to all Money & You® events anywhere in the world - so you can network with key-players in any market and keep your wealth-building-teeth sharpened.
  • A 41-year track record with over 145,000 Graduates including the world’s who’s who so you’ll be in great company! Plus - see Survey results below.
  • New and genuine relationships, ready to do business, forward your game or even, for friendship and fun. Doing Money & You ® with a group of people is a truly unique experience. You leave with a bond and relationship unlike the norm. The trust, camaraderie, good humour, understanding and shared values rapidly speeds the process of doing business with your fellow participants. (We sometimes see deals done in the room that impact lives drastically.)

The Survey Said … 100% Endorsement.

In a recent survey of Money & You® Graduates, when asked 'what influence do you believe Money & You ® had on your success to date?' 8.2 out of 10 said it had a "profound effect". A profound effect...

And in a long lasting way too... 85% saying "what I discovered at Money & You ® is part of how I do business day to day" and a further 86% saying it is "part of how I operate in my relationships day to day". Powerful right?

82.93% say they got completely new perspectives!

And 100% - 100% - said they would refer and endorse Money & You ® to others. Unheard of.

Some anonymous feedback from the survey is inspiring as well:

  • “If you’re ready to shift, this is the place.”
  • “A program that will stick and inspire you for your whole life.”
  • “Go for it! The course is highly experiential and the ah-ha moments will change they way you think of money and wealth forever.”
  • It is THE best program on the planet!"
  • “If you’re prepared for a
  • “By far the best personal development investment I made in my life.”
  • life changing experience that will rock you to your core then play full tilt!”
  • “It’s not really just about money but about how you live. It’s about values, integrity and being a decent human being. It’s much more important than it sounds.”

4 - 8 September 2024 - Royal ICC, Brisbane, QLD *


You missed out!

*Subject to Government Border Management

Lastly, 9.1 out of 10 rated Money & You® as Awe Inspiring. Here’s What’s Covered In The 4.5 Days


Day 1, 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm

  • Introduction of the Unique Learning Environment using Whole Brain Technology
  • Use the Proven Formula for Building Successful Long-Term Business and Personal Relationships
  • Master the Key Principles that Successful People Use to Turn Obstacles to Opportunities
  • How You Instinctively Makes Decision, and Discover Beliefs that Support or Inhibits Success
  • Staying Ahead - How to Differentiate Yourself, or Your Business from Your Competitors


Day 2, 9:00 am – 11:30 pm

  • Apply the 4 Steps to Mastery to Create Results Beyond Ordinary and Beyond Limits Master a Tool to Identify Strengths, Needs, Drivers and Motivators to Empower your Team
  • Discover the Communication Tools to Align Teams, Improve Productivity, and Reduce Conflicts
  • Learn Strategies that Successful People Use to Dramatically Grow their Income, and Business
  • How to Keep Being On Track, On Purpose to Achieving Personal and Organisational Goals
  • Apply the 7 Keys of Strategic Thinking in Building Your Career or Business to Thrive in Any Market
  • Learn the Power of Leverage to Achieve High Returns with Little or No Risk


Day 3, 9:00 am – Sun 2:00 am

  • Engineering A 5-Year Vision for Yourself and Your Organisation -- How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be
  • Remove your Subconscious Barriers to Success, Joy, Fulfillment and Financial Abundance
  • Discover and Reignite Your Passion and Purpose in What You Do, and How You Can Have It All
  • Safeguard your Personal and Organisational Wealth and Protect the Financial Future
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence -- How Emotions Effect Your Results
  • Effectively Resolve Conflicts and Upsets in Business, Teams and Relationships
  • How to Develop a Culture to Increase the Level of Ownership, Responsibility and Accountability
  • How to Implement Systems and Policies to Achieve Optimum Performance and Excellence


Day 4, 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

  • Internalize and Integrate What you Learnt to Effectively Apply it ‘in the Real World’
  • How to Handle Communication Breakdowns, and the Importance of Communication Systems
  • Create Synergy and Aligned Teams with Tools Mega-successful People Use to Build Their Empires
  • Use Cooperation to Create New Levels of Trust with Teams, or Turn Competitors to Allies
  • Create Extraordinary Results with Less Time and Effort by Applying the Business Success Model
  • How to Build Win-Win Business and Personal Relationships Long-Term


Day 5, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Debrief the First 4 Days Translating Ideas Into Action and Implementation
  • Meet and learn From Maters in Their Field to Support Your Personal and Business Growth
  • Internalise and Integrate What you Learnt to Effectively Apply it "in the Real World"
  • Create Extraordinary Results with less Time and Effort by Applying the Business Success Model

4-8 September 2024 - Royal International Convention Centre (Royal ICC) 4 - 8 September 2024 - Royal ICC, Brisbane, QLD*


You missed out!

*Subject to Government Border Management


Paul & Kate

Sarah Gale

Andrew & Vickie

Bruce & Georgie

Lisa Robinson

Courtney Wilson



Cris & Glen

Charlie Brothers
New Zealand

Nilash Patel
New Zealand

Cris B.
New Zealand

Nigel Ford
New Zealand


New Zealand

Jean Marie
New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand

If This Event Is So Phenomenal, Why Is It A Secret?

The truth is, if you were around in the 1980s and 90s, or have spent any extended period of time in Asia or the USA - it’s no secret at all.

It has over 145,000 successful Graduates worldwide from approximately 85 countries.

The reason most people have never heard of this event in Australia is because the focus for growth of the program shifted to the Asian market from 1994 onward.

The CEO & Owner of Money & You, Dame Doria (DC) Cordova saw the opportunity in the Asian market, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore and China, and put key resources into growing that arm of the business - you'll learn the principle behind this strategic move at the program.

Now it's the only personal and entrepreneurial development program endorsed by the Chinese Government. More than 500 Money & You ® Programs have been held in China now. Money & You® is delivered in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, India, USA, Mexico and of course, Australia & New Zealand.

While the program has been operated here over the last many years, it has been on a growth trajectory, consistently operating again in the Australia and New Zealand markets since late 2015 by transformational education group, 90Degrees Global.

The Money & You® Program Has Recently Returned in Full Force Since late 2015

But – it’s recently made a comeback.

And if you’re reading this page it means that there are still spaces available,
and you can apply to be part of it right here on this website.

But there’s a catch...

This Event Is Not For Everyone, And Strictly Application Only

Unlike other events, seminars and workshops, Money & You® is not a “first in, best dressed” sort of deal (although spaces will fill up).

It’s not a frantic money-grab either, where we accept anyone, cram thousands of people into a small amphitheatre and then assault you with upsells and pitches.

What we’re looking for, is to assemble a group of business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring wealth creators so we can take you on a learning experience like no other. (If you haven’t got a business yet – and you’re looking to break the shackles of 9-5 employment - that’s ok too.)

And it's far more interactive activities than ‘sit and listen’ presentations.

For this reason – we need to be very selective about who we allow in.

We’re only looking for people who’ll actually absorb and apply the principles to achieve meaningful success.

So, to weed out the pretenders and time wasters, we have a few strict (but reasonable) eligibility requirements.

Does this sound like you?

  • You must be looking for a big financial breakthrough, huge business growth, more meaning, more free time or more balance in your life. (If you’re just looking for a few days of entertainment - please do not apply.)
  • You must be open to learning about yourself on a deep level. If the idea of soul-searching leaves you cold, this is not for you.
  • You must be willing to get real and - at times - vulnerable in group settings. This is no place for egos.
  • You must have a genuine aim to contribute to the world in meaningful ways. This is not a "get-rich-and-lie-on-the-beach-sipping-Martinis-for-30-years" type program. We’re not against building lives of freedom and enjoying luxuries, but if that’s your only aim - this is not for you.
  • You must be aware this isn’t a $50 pitch fest event. This is a world-class, full paid training. It’s not cheap, but the value you receive will cover your admission fee many times over (usually within a couple of months).

Ok. That’s it. They’re the criteria.

If that sounds like you and you’re ready to learn the timeless wealth-creation principles
of the world’s richest and happiest multi-millionaires...

Here’s How To Apply

You won’t find a “buy now” button on this page.

Instead, we ask that you enter your basic details on the form below (nothing obtrusive - just name, email, phone), and tell us a bit about why you think these events will transform your business and financial life.

We will review your application and if we believe you will benefit, we’ll give you a call to talk you through the ins and outs of the program to make sure you believe it will as well.

From there, you can make a call about whether you want to go ahead.

Apply NOW To Save

Pre-bookings have been taken and are well on track to see these events fill up quickly from here.

We know that fast action takers get the most from these events, so to reward them, we have two tiers of early-bird discounts.

So, if you want access to this life-changing event and lock in savings. Please apply before the timer below gets to zero:

4 - 8 September 2024 - Royal ICC, Brisbane, QLD *


You missed out!

*Subject to Government Border Management

If You’re Not 100% Satisfied, We’ll Refund ALL Your Money, No Questions Asked

You’ve probably heard a lot of big claims before. It seems like every guru has an event these days that promises to transform your life.

So, to remove all risk from your decision and to prove Money & You® is the real deal, here's the 41 year old, time proven and tested 100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you are accepted into the Money & You® Program, participate in all of the sessions during the program and ultimately, feel like you have not gained significant value by close of play Sunday evening, we'll refund 100% of your money without question.

Just come and see us at the back of the room on the final night, hand back your event material, tell us you didn’t get value and we’ll refund your money.

With a guarantee like this and so many high-profile success stories, if you're truly committed to a shift in your life, business and finances, there's really no reason not to apply right now.

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee is only applicable for Money & You held in Australia.

Who Am I And Why Am I So Certain This Event Will Bring You Huge Wealth Breakthroughs?

Hi, my name is Ryll Burgin-Doyle, and unlike the entrepreneurs above, you’ve probably never heard of me as I normally prefer to work away in the background …

(Of course, if my name does ring a bell, it might be because you’ve seen me on The Today Show, heard me on ABC radio or read about me in Smart Company’s Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs - which has been a privilege.)

… Anyway this time I’m venturing back under the ‘spotlight’ because I have something important to share.

I also graduated from this program back when I was just 23. And from that
moment right up until today, the principles I learned have shaped my life on a fundamental level. When I look back, it’s had a positive effect in EVERY AREA from business, to relationships, to home, career, finances, even my give back and more.

Within 6-months of graduating this incredible 4.5 day program, I’d launched my very first successful company, all with just $1,100 to my name and no credit.

I grew that business to over 7-figures in just under 4 years (including 6-months off travelling the world), before selling it for a nice profit.

And since then, I’ve started, grown and been involved with all sorts of other successful ventures across a huge number of industries and countries. Yet each and every time, no matter the circumstances or sector, I’ve used the learnings from Money & You ® to create fast growth and enormous value. Frankly, it’s been a part of every success I’ve enjoyed (and helped me out of some hairy ones fast as well!)

But, here’s why I’m telling you all this:

I believe what people discover at Money & You ® is just so important, that together with my husband (fellow entrepreneur and Money & You ® Grad), Craig Doyle - we’ve made it our mission to bring this event back to Australia consistently - and get it into the hands of like-minded, determined people like you.

People who are striving for that next level of success in life whether you own your own business or find yourself on the career track … whether you’re as broke as can be as you read this or a squillionaire, whether you’re in start-up mode or long established - it doesn’t matter.

If you are someone who wants breakthrough results, this is a real opportunity for you, just as it has been for tens of thousands before you.

P.S. Just a reminder. Once You Graduate You Can Attend Any Money & You ® Event, Anywhere In The World, Entirely For FREE

We offer you lifetime access to observe ANY other Money & You® event, anywhere in the world … entirely for FREE.

Whether you want to review the material or just network with a new cohort of high-performing money-masters and entrepreneurs – just give us a call and you can sit at the back of the room for the entire 4.5 days (or pick and choose which days to attend - it’s up to you) - at ANY Money & You ® ANYWHERE in the world from the USA, to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, India - wherever, on us.

As Promised: Here’s a Full List Of Notable Graduates Of The Money & You ® Program:

You'll see some truly high profile names here, all happy to publicly share that they've completed Money & You ® and right beside them are tens of thousands of everyday people like you and me who have benefited massively as well! If you want to hit that next level in breakthrough and results, apply now as all of these people have done before you.

Notable Money & You® Graduates


Jack Canfield
Best Selling Co-Author,
Chicken Soup For The Soul Book Series;
The Success Principles

Anthony Robbins
Best Selling Author,
Top 50 Business Intellectual Worldwide
Master Success Coach

Sharon L. Lechter
Best Selling Co-Author,
Rich Dad/Poor Dad Series
Three Feet From Gold

Kim Kiyosaki
Best Selling Author, Co-founder
Rich Dad/Poor Dad Series

Ben Cohen
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Spencer Johnson
Author, Who Moved My Cheese?
Best Selling Co-Author, One Minute Manager

Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell Hair Products

Harv Eker
Best Selling Author
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Mark Victor Hansen
Best Selling Co-Author
Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series;
One-Minute Millionaire

Loral Langemeier
Best Selling Author
Investment/Success Coach

Alex Mandossian
Master Marketer,
TeleSeminar Secrets

Janet Switzer
Best Selling Co-Author,
The Success Principles.
Instant-Income For Small Business

Greg Link
7 Habits of Highly Successful People/
Producer, President CoveyLink

Dolf DeRoos
Best Selling Author,
Real Estate Expert

Blair Singer
Best Selling Author,
Trainer, Consultant

Garrett B. Gunderson
Best-selling Author,
Killing Sacred Cows –
Consultant, Entrepreneur

Bill Galt
Founder, Good Earth Restaurants, Humanitarian, Peace Ambassador

Nyhl Henson
MTV-Co-Creator- Cable Television Pioneer/Producer, Consultan

Gary Kurtz
Star Wars Producer/Film Maker

Jac Holzman
Chief Technologist, Time/Warner Communications.
The Doors Band Manager

Kerry Zurier
Money & You® Instructor, Leads Excellerated Instructors’ Training Program, Accomplishment Coaching, Training Program Leader

Mark Long
Best Selling Author/Attorney,
Superlab Specialist

Bill Melton
Founder, Veriphone – Entrepreneur

Charles Wallace
CFO, Time/Warner Communications

Chris Howard
Best Selling, Leading Authority on Psychology of Wealth

Stephanie Davis
International Director of Sales & Marketing, eCosway

Lee Brower
Consultant, Empowered Wealth

Mari Smith
Social Media Marketing Expert

Marilyn Ferguson
Best Selling Author ‘Aquarian Conspiracy’, Comprehensive Thinker

Eric Lofholm
Master Sales Trainer, Entrepreneur

Sheri Sharman
Network Industry Leader, Humanitarian

Buck Reed
Network Industry Leader, Humanitarian

Marie Diamond
Feng Shui Master, International Speaker

Marci Shimoff
Author, Chicken Soup for the Woman Soul Book Series

Larry Wilson
Co-Author, One Minute Salesperson, Founder Wilson Learning

Keith Cunningham
Investment Education, Author ‘Keys to the Vault’

Peter Meisen
Director, Global Energy Network Intl. (G.E.N.I.)

Linda Chandler
Best Selling Author, former Vice President of Sutro Securities,
Investment Banker

Bill Shopoff
Investments Expert

Jan Wilhite
Co-founder, PSI Seminars

Sandy Shapery
Builder, Developer, Entrepreneur

Joe Chapon
VP of Quantum Learning Network/SuperCamp

Dr. Serge Gravelle
Internet and TV Marketing, General Manager of MTA Licensing, LLC

Ralph Thompson
Business Development and Promotions Consultant
Manager for Novus Promotions, LLC

Clinton Swaine
Entrepreneur, Investor, International Speaker, Games Master

Aggie Kobrin
Producer, Master Promoter/Networker

Maria Simone
Business Consultant, Author, Social Media Expert

Bill Gladstone
Publisher, Best-Selling Author

Louis Lautman
Young Entrepreneurs’ Society – YES Movie Producer

Brad Axelrad
Consultant, Event Producer, Connector of Visionaries

Gerry Robert
Best Selling Author, The Millionaire Mindset

John Burley
Best Selling Author, Real Estate Expert

Dr. Letitia Wright
TV Show Host, Producer, Author

Josephine & Chris Gross
Co-founders, Gabriel Media Group, Editor-in-Chief / CEO, Networking Times

Anson Chong
Retired State Senator, State of Hawaii

Michael Schultz
Film Director/Producer

Thomas Crum
Co-founder with John Denver of Windstar Foundation, Aikido Master

Terry Cole-Whittaker
Best Selling Author/Minister/TV Ministry

Dr. Cherie Clark
Founder and Director, Shock Program –N.Y. Correctional System

Bill Allen
Leading Entrepreneur, Hawaii Care & Cleaning

Randolph Craft
Artist, Consultant, Founder: The Fuller Edutainment Co.

Mac Jones Chairman
Colorado Bank, La Junta, Colorado Enrolled 3% of La Junta,
Colorado Population for attending M&Y, ‘81-’84

Karl Haushalter
CEO, Arthur Young Accountants

Michael Allender
Consultant, Led a Division of Hewlett Packard to winning Deming Award after applying Money & You® Principles

Dan Sullivan
Founder Sullivan Consulting

Carol Dysart
DISC Profiling Master, Author

Roger Lane
Business Development Specialist

Paul Brown
Hair Products/Stylist

Bob Goldberg
Health Food Stores Pioneer, Entrepreneur

Ken Plourde
Entrepreneur, Investor

Paula Fellingham
CEO, The Women’s Information Network, Best Selling Author

Kelle Breen
Founder, WOW-Women of Wisdom Performance Magazine,
CFO Thoroughbred Owners of California

Maureen G. Mulvaney (MGM)
Founder, The Women’s Millionaire Club

Pat Burns
Director, Children Book Fairs

Esperanza Universal
SOUL Institute, Master Spiritual Teacher; Retired Attorney

Itziar Haumschilt
Director, Homework Character Clubs of America, Humanitarian,
Radio Personality, Writer

Kevin Haumschilt
Director of Business Development, eCosway USA

Osayande Baruti
Broadway star, Singer, Screenplay Writer, Composer

Eric Jensen
Co-founder, Supercamp, Turning Point for Teachers

Craig Cottrell
Real Market Experts, VP LongView Financial Group

Cheri Tree
Founder & CEO,
Quattro University – Former Nouveau Riche University top performer

Hector Sectzer
CEO, Broadcast Communication Corporation

Babette Teno
Master Clinical Nutritionist

Dr. Thomas Fay
Naturepath, Health Products Innovator

Patrick Carney
Referral Networking Expert

Helice “Sparky” Bridges
Creator, Blue Ribbon Campaign – Who You Are Makes A Difference

Dr. Sananda Ananda-Maynard
Founder and CEO, Enlightened Life Institute, Master Spiritual Teacher

Dr. Aliah Majon
Creator of SOUL Technlogy, Author, Master Success Coach

Spar Street
Master Artist

Jessica Conti
Founder & President, Compassion Happens Inc.

Don & Melinda Boyer
Film Makers, Producers, Authors

Yasmine Bijan
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Mick Moore
The Internet Entrepreneur, Artist

John Wilson
Partner, Blackrock Development, Former Sr. VP Nouveau Riche

Kecia Wimmer
Founder, Quattro University, Former Nouveau Riche top performer

Karla Myers
Network Marketing Producer, Former Nouveau Riche top performer

Lynn Rose
Singer, Entertainer, Transformational Performer

Glenda Fellen
Author, Speaker, Master Network Marketer

Shala Lamboy
Master Network Marketer, Speaker

Lisha and Kari Schneider
Authors, Speakers, Master Network Marketers, Entertainers

George Ramirez
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

Rawson Thurber
Film Screenwriter / Producer

Susan Gibson
PR, Networker/Connector

Burke Franklin
Founder/CEO Jian – Business Development Software

Mel Kotlyar
Marketing Coach, Speaker Trainer

Allen Kotlyar
Business Growth & Marketing Coach

Alex Sasha Toporovsky
Master Artist

John-David Schonbrook
Pioneer of Whole Brain Technology

Lee Berglund
Founder, Personal Resource System

Boyd Willat
Founder, Day-Runner System

John Konstanturos
Retired L.A.P.D. Commander, Consultant

Jon & Laurie Weiss
Authors, Transactional Analysis Therapy, World authorities Co-Dependency

Ken Windes
Founder, The Game, former world authority Transactional Analysist

Jack Law
The Wave & Hula’s Nightclubs, Entrepreneur

Arthur Benjamin

Paul Lynch

Larry Clark
Real Estate Developer

Samantha Hampton
Master Sales, Marketing & Communication

Bill and Linda McCarley
Founder, Co-Evolution – Master Psychologist

Rasa Warr
Promoter, Marketing & Communication Expert

John Cook and Betty Pearce

Dr. Irv Katz
Chancellor, International University of Professional Studies

Dr. Wayne Taknen
Dentist, Investor

David Patch
Investor, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Doris Pooser
Best Selling Author ‘Always in Style’

Jim Patterson

Hawaii EST (Erhard Seminar Trainings)
Organization Board of Directors; Attended Money & You ® Program 1981-1982

Landon Carter
Former EST Trainer/Creator of Six-Day Program

Evelyn Ostin
American Cancer Society Spokesperson

Steven Sobel
Insurance Industry Entrepreneur

Lawrence Hurley, Ph.D.
George Hitchings Prof. of Drug Design University of Texas

Judith C. Anderson
Adjunct Professor of Management Columbia Business School

Andrea Williams
Attorney/VP Community Leadership Development for the American Leadership Forum

Joel Seiden
Real Estate Entrepreneur

Brian Bieler
President, Viacom Radio/Author,

Ken Kosloff
Principal, Construction Management Assoc., Consultant

Debra Warren
Property Management Expert, Consultant

Nancy Maresh
“Accounting Game” Developer

David Neenan
CEO, Business Owner, Trainer

Loy Young
Author, Relationship Consultant

Jeffrey Cawdrey
Attorney, Business Consultant

Robert Sands
CEO, Leading Hyperbarics Expert

Marian Head
Best Selling Author, Consultant

Glenn Head

Jerry Weinerth

Mark Reardon
Learning Specialist

Rick Mars

Dr. Sonia Powers
Master Teacher, Consultant

Rob Evans

Nancy Halverson

Marianne Hagen
Master Clearing Practitioner

Gary Gilberson
Entrepreneur, Consultant

Dwight and Merle O’Neill
Consultants, Change Agents

Dr. Rivera Bertish
Master Teacher, Consultant

Paul & Layne Cutright
Best Selling Authors, Relationship Experts

Enid Vien & David Womack
Co-founders, Dynamism, Master Consultants

Cam Frasier

Christina Frasier
Best Selling Author

Steve Curtis
Consultant, Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert

Drew Miles
Investments, Consultant

Don Phin
Attorney, Consultant

Judith Orloff
Author, Master Teacher

Steve Hays
Editor-in-Chief, The Light Connection

Betsy Bernstein
Master Body Worker, Teacher

Mark Fehlman
Award-winning Architect, Artist

Glynda Yoder
CEO, Entrepreneur, Master Teacher

Laurel Conrard
President, Entrepreneur, Master Teacher

Renee Swisko
Master Healing Practitioner, Consultant

Joseph Heller
Creator of Heller Work

Jacklyn Johnston
Master Healing Practitioner, Wall Street HR Consultant

Maria Carter
Author, Speaker

Roy Able
Extraordinary Entrepreneur

Ko Hayashi
Investments, Consultant

Tom Paper
Entrepreneur, Investments

Michael Starkweather
Leading Trademark Attorney

Allan Snell
Consultant, Business Development, and Change Agent

Joyce Chupka
Lobbyst, Government Change Agent

Jayne Taylor Johnson
Master Clearing Practitioner

Dr. Ida Green
Author, Speaker, Humanitarian



Datuk Maznah Hamid
Managing Director, Securiforce

Dennis Wee
Managing Director, Author

Simon Wong
Vice President of Asia Operations and Managing Director of Asia Pacific CustomerCare of Dell Computers – Malaysia

David Wong
Regional Director, Web Forge Pty Ltd.

Ir Chan Sai Chok
Managing Director, Perunding Eagles Sdn Bhd

Bhg Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman
(SOAR) President Elect of the Malaysian of Professional Speakers (MAPS)

Wendy Tan
CEO, Globe Engineering Sdn Bhd

Dato Samsuddin Sairan
Managing Director, Tenaga Malaysia Berhad

Teh Wee Thye
Director, Malayan Flour Mill

Teh Li Choo
Company Secretary, Malayan Flour Mill

Kang Puay Seng & Low Jwee Poh
Mr. Bean, Partners – Award Winning Chain

George Quek
Entrepreneur, Bread Talk / Food Republic

Roger Hamilton
Co-founder XL Results Foundation, Best-selling Author, humanitarian

Dave Rogers
Co-founder XL Results Foundation, Best-selling Author

Yang Mulia Raja Mohd Azmi Raja Razali
Executive Chairman, Mainstay Properties Sdn Bhd (Former Chief Financial Officer, AirAsia)

Jacqueline Seow
Promoter, Entrepreneur

Renesial Leong
Malaysia’s Queen of Properties

John Glajz
Managing Director, Mondial Jewellers Pte. Ltd.

Ron Kaufman
Active Learning, Consultant

K.C. See
Founder, Money Mastery

Richard and Veronica Tan
Success Resources, Entrepreneurs

Rafiq Jumabhoy

Moonshi Mohsenruddin
Chief Executive Officer – CommGate Inc., Past President – ONE (SINGAPORE)

Eva Majilis

Dr. Yew Kam Keong
Managing Director, Mindbloom Sdn Bhd

Rita Haque
Creative Director, DMB&BT Tokyu Pte. Ltd.

Spencer Neo
Senior Assistant Director, Jones Lang Wootton

Shirley Leow
GM Corporate Services & Membership; NTUC Club

Andrew Lee
Accelerated Learning

Elaine Tan
Manager, OCBC- Executive Club

Steven Chiew
Founder, Forever Living Products

Jayant Shukla
World wide Training Director, Standard Chartered Bank, Consultant

Dr. Kenny Chan
Managing Director, Burberry’s Singapore

David Tan
Program Director, Trenium – Camp Discovery Program Founder

Dr. Anne Yeoh
ENT Specialist

Stefan Hafner
Jewelry Master Designer

Dr. Ng Oi Kum
Managing Director, Educational Trends

Edwin Khoo
Managing Director, Aloe Plus Cosmetics

Lawrence Walter Ng
Leading Trainer, Power Seminars

Li Lian Teh
Managing Director, TLL Investments

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hau Hian
Directors, Wista Taiko Management

John Ewing-Chow
V.P. Training, OCBC Bank

Rezza Bustami
Member The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange

Abidin Rahman Zainal
Ministry of Health, Singapore

Josephine Tan
Managing Director, SuperLearning Pte Ltd

Doris Chan
Director, SuperLearning Pte Ltd

Chew Ghim Bok

Frank Marciano
Regional Representative, Motorola, Vietnam

Robyn Goh
Business Owner

Philip Boyd

Parvinder Singh

Robert Koh
Managing Director, Diners World Travel

Joo Hock Quek
Hair Salon Owner, Buckminster Fuller Technology

Lita Nithiyanandan
Managing Director, Business Trends Pte. Ltd.

Helen Lee
Managing Director, Abbott Lee Communications

Helen Lyou
Executive Director, Bibi & Baba Trading Pte Ltd

Jacalyn Bennett
President, Bennett & Company

Sara Beattie
Managing Director, Sara Beattie Ltd.

George Driscoll
Managing Director, Learning International, HK

Johnny Au
Owner, John Au Design Associates

Carmel Greenwood
Best Selling Author, Carmel Concepts

Brunella Bighi
Director, Arrakis

Anabel Caparros
Managing Director, Caparros

Susan Chu
Managing Director, Mind Dynamic (HK) Ltd

Julia Courtenay-Tanner
Principal, Tanner EFL School

Rodger Craig
Rodger Craig International

Frederique Deleage-Mehra
Frederique French Beauty Salon

Victor Mehra-Deleage
Director, Direction Ltd.

Chris Gentry
Asia Works

John Henderson
Managing Director, Pacific Rim

John Koo
GAIA Institute

Christian Rhomberg
Director, Aerogold Ltd.

Catriona Rogers
Director, Teen Leadership Program

Jeremy Barr
Partner, Jeremy M. Barr & Co

Philip Soden
Director, HK Academy For Performing Arts,

Henry Steiner
Graphic Communication Ltd.

Catherine Sun
GAIA Institute

Lani Sinarwi

John Sinarwi
Managing Director, Animator

Casandy Gehwang
Genera l Manager

John Parker
Outdoor Adventure Training

Murphy Lum
Chief Executive Coach, People Coaching Works Sdn Bhd

PS Lim
Entrepreneur, Trainer

Sen Ze
Internet Marketer, Business Coach

Michael Yip
Managing Director, CEVA Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd
Outstanding Entrepreneur Award APEA 2008

Ashraf Sinclair & Ng Hung Shen
Malaysian Artists

Yuriko Sakairi
Senior Researcher, World Bank/Natsource Japan Co. Ltd.

Hiromi Nakano
Human Resource Counselor/Motivational Speaker, H. Nakano HR Consulting

Dr Jun Toh
Entrepreneur/Business Coach/Women Career Coach

Terry Cheah
General Manager, Eagle Freight Logistics Sdn Bhd

Ivy Lee
Executive Director, Ivy Lee Realty Pte Ltd

Mervin Wee
Managing Director, Jean Yip Salon

Jay Khialani
CEO, Oral Kare

Vincent Wong

Catherine Arumanayagam
Founder, WAKE Foundation

Nadchatiram Sahadevan (Jeevan)
Best Selling Author, Success Coach, Entrepreneur

Sim Quan Seng
Chairman, R.E.A.L Education Group

Gary Wee & Seah Suan Suan
Thy Cosmic Wisdom, Founder / Program Director



Morry Fraid & Ruben Fried
Founders, Co-Chairman, Spotlight Stores $4 billion business

Dominique Lyone
Founder/Managing Director, Complete Office Supplies, Money & You®/Creating Wealth Instructor, Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs Leading Instructor

Jim Stynes
Brownlow Medalist AFL, Chairman Melbourne Football Club, Co-Founder Reach Foundation

Brendan Nichols
Founder Riches From Business, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Former Money & You® Instructor

Kurek Ashley
Motivational/Success Coach, Best Selling Author

Brad Sugars
Founder and CEO, ActionCoach Business Coaching International Franchise

Mal Emery
Mal Emery Marketing, International Direct and Internet Marketer,
Presenter, Coach

Bruce Doyle
Entrepreneur, Managing Director Total Freedom Group, Business Educator, Author, owner of 8 businesses, Partner with Money & You® Australia

Stan & Jane Jordan
Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Trainers, Promoters Money & You® Australia and New Zealand, Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs Instructor

John George
Co-Founder, Mrs. Crocket’s Kitchen, Owner The George Group

Susan Barton
Founder, The Lighthouse Foundation, Melbournian of the Year 2009/2010

Dan Osborne
Director of Foreign Exchange, Lexington Capital

David Novac
Owner Wealthwise Education, Rich Dad’s Advisor, Tony Robbins Wealth
Mastery Presenter

Bray Cohen
Founder Authenticity 1, Corporate Trainer/facilitator, Leadership Trainer

Chen Tay
Owner Step Up Marketing and Promotion, Master Internet Marketer, Seminar Promoter, Chiropractor

Sharon Tieman
‘Madame Marketing’, Internet marketer, Business Woman

Dale Richardson
Founder ProGolf Health, Chiropractor and Sports Medicine Specialist, health consultant to The European Ryder Cup Team, Former Money & You® Instructor

Ronnie Burns
Entertainer, TV Producer and documentary maker, Co-Founder Appin Hall Children’s Foundation.

Peter Egan
Former ABC Radio Announcer, Order Of Australia Medal Winner, Accelerated Learning Vocal Coach

Sue & Steve Heather
Founders and Managing Directors Mining People International (MPi) former promoters Money & You®

Sam Gance
Founder Australis, Co-Founder My Chemist, Co-owner ePharmacy/Chemists Warehouse

Tony Coote
Chairman, Angus & Coote Jewelers (Publicly Listed Company), Founder The Mulloon Institute

Myles Pearce
Myles Pearce & Co Real Estate, Finalist Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, Management Consultant, Property Developer.

Marcus Blackmore
Founder and Chairman Blackmores Ltd, Order of Australia Medal Winner

Bill Carson
Executive Director at Perform Solutions International Pty Ltd, Corporate Training and Executive Coaching

Tony Bianco
Women’s Shoes and Accessories Designer and Retailer

John & Di Butler
Founders Butlers Barristers and Solicitors / Global Program Director for Money & You® /Excellerated Business Schools®

Taki Moore
Coach Marketing Expert

Bruce Campbell
ActionCoach Franchisee, Number 1 Franchisee Worldwide

David Guest
ActionCoach Franchisee Victoria

Ruben Taylor
ActionCoach Franchisee Western Australia

Ben Croft
Social Media Marketing Consultant/Business Coaching Industry

Graham Park
Author, Million Dollar Circle Winner MLM

David & Sandra Bardas
Former Managing Director, Sportsgirl / Sportcraft / LaCoste, Philanthropists

Kevin Bailey
Founder and Chairman The Money Managers, Honorary Consul General for East Timor in Victoria, Director-World Humanitarian Aid Organisation, Austcare

Jennifer Elliot & Jeffrey Muir
Co-Founders Integrity & Values, Integrity Profiling System and Leadership Development

John Hallas
Chairman, Hallas Trading Co. (Ella Bache Australia)

Jon Pratlett
Corporate Leadership Trainer, Director Mettle Group

Paul Currie
Producer, Screen Writer, Actor, Australia and Internationally, Co-Founder The Reach Foundation.

Denis Cooney
Took Herbalife to Australia. Most Successful Distributor ‘80’s, Former Promoter of Money & You®

Karen Corban
Entrepreneur, Founding Director, Universal Stars and Co-founder Event Filler.

Liana DiStefano
Entrepreneur, Former Promoter of Money & You®

Anatole Konowesky
Founder CEO, Quantum Thinking Institute, Humanitarian and Activist

Mitchell Ogilvie
Designer Mitchell Ogilvie Exclusive Menswear

Peter Johnston & Suzi Dafnis
Founders, Pow Wow Events, Suzi – National General Manager, Australian Businesswomen’s Network

Kane Bowden
CEO The Lighthouse Foundation

Andrew Walsh
Creator “One Day In Prison Program”, Humanitarian

Jerry Speiser
Buckminster Fuller Technology, Drummer “Men at Work” –
International best selling band

Kathy Hilton Founder
Ardoch Foundation, Order of Australia Medal Winner.

Janet Hall, PhD
Psychologist, Best Selling Author, Media

Wayne Berry
Founder & CEO Top Gun Sales Technology, International Sales Presenter, Best Selling Author
Wendy Berry Founder & CEO The Wendy Weapon, Sales/Marketing Trainer, International Speaker

John & Judy Hinwood
Author Expect a Miracle Series. Managing Director, International Chiropractic Coaching and Training

Diane McCann & Robert Matthews
Co-Directors Beyond the Ordinary, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Trainers, Former Promoters of Money & You®

James Caldwell
Consultant, Teacher, Former Promoter of Money & You®

Jeremy Bingham
Development Consultant, Former Lord Mayor of City of Sydney

Richard Keeves
Business Advisor and Trainer, Founder/Publisher, Business Directions Magazine

Barbara McGregor
Founder & Publisher, WellBeing Magazine

Robert Caswell
Australian and Internationally-Acclaimed Screenwriter

Marcia Griffin
Business Woman of the Year Victorian Winner,
Co-founder Griffins + Rowe Cosmetics Best Selling Author

Yvonne Rowe Entrepreneur
Co founder Griffins + Rowe Cosmetics, former Lady Mayoress, Melbourne

Sally Matheson
CEO Matheson Publishing, Former Publisher Successful Selling Magazine

Peter Dixon
Entrepreneur & Corporate Trainer/Consultant

Robert Shannon
Founder, Shannon’s Classic Cars & Car Ins.

Stephanie Burns PhD
Educator, Training to Train Program

Graham Hunt
Managing Director, President Ford

Greg McAinch
Former Band Member “Skyhooks”, Intellectual Property Lawyer

Margaret Porritt
Founder & Managing Director,
Feather’s Boutiques and Feathers and F Line Clothing Labels

Charles Digby
Founder & Managing Director, Digby’s Boutiques

Andrew Mathews
International Best Selling Author, Being Happy, Making Friends,
Follow Your Heart and More…

Jon Michail
Founder/CEO Image Group International, Winner of the International Image-Maker of the Year Award (USA), 1999 Australian Achievers Award/Winner of the 2001-2002 Hong Kong Bank International Business Award. Best Selling Author.

Richard McCarthy
Film Director

Fabian Dattner
Co-Founder and Managing Director Dattner Grant, Best Selling Author, Presenter

Christine Gee
Media Consultant, Nepalese Honorary Consul General for NSW (1987-2009,) Founder of Australian Himalayan Expeditions (now World Expeditions)

Tony Cornish
Co-Founder and Director, Countrywide Media, Publisher Community-based Organizations

Candy Tymson
Managing Director, Tymson Communications, Former Lady Mayoress Sydney.

David Powell
Managing Director, Corporate Leadership Development Centre

Andrew Papageorge

Andrew Wade
Journalist, Co-Founder Australian Children’s Television Foundation

Baci Chobocky
Television Director, SBS Television

John Derum

Caroline Taylor
Co-founder, Corporate Vision (now Mettle Group), Partner at Axlialent UK

Neville Kennard
Managing Director, Kennard’s Hire

Bob Johnson
Speaker, Author,Trainer

Bernard Katzen
Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeon

Phillip & Pam Cave

Lois Peeler
Chairperson Aboriginal Tourism Australia. Winner Centenary Medal

Eve Mahlab & Frank Mahlab
Co- Founder/Convener of the Australian Women Donors Network “Order of Australia” Services to Women, Managing Director, Mahlab Group

Charles Kovess
CEO Kovess International, Lawyer, International Speaker, Author

Mary King
CEO, The Power To Choose Wealth Coach, Buyers’ Advocate

Peter Fitzpatrick
Senior Australian of the Year Finalist 2009, CEO Motor Trade Association Western Australia, Founder Youth Focus Foundation, Former President Law Society

Mary Goldfarb
Founder & MD, Studio MG Fashion Boutiques

Stephen Crooks
Judge of the Family Court in Western Australia

John Morgan
Forward Vision

Jan Yerkovich
Founder Fund-Raising Management Consultants Australia

Stephanie Novak-Piper
National Training Mgr/USA; Redken

Geoff Buckley
Managing Director New Earth Tourism, Former Managing Director of Tourism Australia.

Roma Gaster
Corporate Trainer, Best Selling Author ‘

Kelly Ritchie
Founder KTI Hosemasters, General Manager Rich Dad Franchising

Helen (Siew Yee) Ritchie-Robins
Director, The Watch Gallery

Kerrie Jarvis
Major Rock Music Promoter, Project Manager 11th World Youth Day Celebrations

Sandra Smorgen
Former Rock & Roll Promoter,

Bebe Choy
Consultant, The Hour Glass on Collins

Anthony Fogarty
Independent Sales and Marketing Consultant, former Money & You® Presenter.

Dina Bonke
General Manager, Universal Stars, Former Program Director Money & You® Program

Shoshana Faire
Founding Director The Conflict Resolution Network, Best Selling Author

Richard Norton
Hollywood Actor, Martial Artist

Teymara Antonio-Wright
Internationally Syndicated Astrologer, Astrologer to the Stars

Selina Scoble
Olympic Volley Ball Player, Performance Coach

Judeth Wilson
Founder of The Trainers Ultimate Business in a Box, International Presenter

Graham Kelly
Managing Director, Kelly Communications Pty Ltd

Stan Reynolds
Former President, Australian Apparel Agents Assoc., Artist



Steve McDowall
Legendary All Blacks Rugby star

Kevin Dawkins
Entrepreneur, Consultant

Adaleen and Jack Griffith
Entrepreneurs, Retired Cement Manufacturing

Brent Stubbins
Brainworks Limited (Accelerated Learning)

Peter Ho
“Accounting is Ezy”, Accountant, Consultant

Peter Mellalieu
Professor of Entrepreneurship – Masters of Innovation & Entrepreneurship – UNITEC

Dr. Gael McDonald
Dean, Business School, UNITEC

Adrienne Berceuse
Entrepreneur Kiwi Holiday Homes

Andrew Barron
Entrepreneur – International Wood Distribution

Phil Jones and David Howe
RichMastery Business Academy Founders

Colin Rose
Best Selling Author, Accelerated Learning Authority

Nigel Brunel
Derivatives, Investment Expert

John Hulbert
Managing Director, Auckland Tepid Baths

Pamela Meekings-Stewart
Director, Tall Poppies & Co.

Colin Burr
Managing Director, Arohanui Business School

Russel Topliss
Partner, Ross Melville PKT, Accountants

Brian Martin
Managing Director, International Advisory Serv.

Andrew and Julie Goodwin

Sandra Davis
Franchising/Branding Consultant, Spiritual Practitioner

April Erueti
Branch Manager, Weymouth Residential Centre

Rose Pere
Maori Educationalist/Author

Maewa Para
Maori Leader

Kim Workman
Justice Department of New Zealand

Graeme Thompson
Marketing Consultant, The Premium Group

Pearl Sidwell
Director, Empower Education

Michael Head
International Entrepreneur

Kevin Heppleston
Action International Consultant, Investor, Entrepreneur

Tony Walker
Action Coach, Entrepreneur Consultant

Kim Brady
Entrepreneur, Public Relations

Kim Reade

Maori Leader

Joan Wier
Entrepreneur, Promoter and Program Director

Jenni Fernandez
Coach and Entrepreneur

Deanna and Gordon Stewart
Co Promoters – Entrepreneurs in Real Estate

Zane Price
Network Marketing Entrepreneur


Other Regions:

Andrea Leone
Investor, Entrepreneur – Italy

Charlie Mario
Co-founder, ChileWorks / MexWorks, Entrepreneur – Chile, Mexico, Argentina

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